The Art Group at our South Ayrshire Community Rehabilitation Group were recently given the opportunity to produce a centrepiece on the theme of head/brain injury to grace a table at Digby Brown’s Head Injury Information Day on Tuesday 14th May.

After discussion, the Group chose to produce an iceberg sculpture to represent life with a brain injury. The thought behind this is that, as with any hidden disability, there are some impairments which are visible to others, which is like the relatively small portion of an iceberg which is visible above the water, but the largest part is unseen.

The Group worked collaboratively on the sculpture over a period of a few weeks, and I think you will agree, produced an eye-catching and thought-provoking piece, which was very well received.

Here are some progress photos, and a picture of the finished piece.

Work begins on the sculpture.

The iceberg begins to take shape.

Getting there!

The finished piece.