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Today we wanted to provide an update on the COVID-19 vaccine information. As the vaccination programme moves forward, we would like to keep you up to date on the information available for your audiences, and signpost you to any relevant updates.


Vaccine Communications Note

As we are planning to provide information on an ongoing basis, we have created a Vaccine Communications Note that we provide all relevant links to information. As we progress we will highlight any additions/changes when sending this over.


COVID-19 Vaccine Invitation Letter

We have attached an example of the vaccine invitation letter that will inform people of their vaccination appointment.

  • The letter will include an information leaflet about COVID-19 vaccinations and what to expect.
  • This will also contain information on how to access your appointment online, if this needs to be rearranged. Alternatively, you can call the national Covid-19 helpline who can rearrange your appointment for you.
  • There is a link on the back page to highlight access to alternative formats and languages.



20-21 – Coronavirus – Vaccines – Vaccine Communications Note – Issue 1 – FINAL – 3 Feb 202120-21 – COVID-19 Vaccine Invitation Letter Example – Annotated – 3 Feb 2021